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RS 01: Question and Answer Session with Abraham Ologundudu


about; concerning

the whole range of ideas, qualities, situations.

RE: Spectrum is dedicated to highlighting a whole range of ideas, thoughts and questions that I  have had to process on my personal leadership journey. My aim is to challenge the mindset, culture and traditions that inhibit the growth and development of individuals, communities and nations. 

By exploring lessons, insights, stories, questions based on my values, beliefs, and experiences, it is my desire that you get empowered with clarity, boldness, strategies and tools to lead an informed and purposeful life. 

To mark the first episode, I asked my community of friends on social media to ask me any question they would like to know about me. I believe I did justice with my responses. 

You Will Learn (In This Particular Order)

  • How I felt about  starting this podcast.
  • How I prepare peppered chicken.
  • How I am  coping with the pandemic.
  • My Marriage plan.
  • Leadership. Growth. Getting people to believe and share in your dreams, goals & passion.
  • The core challenge I faced while growing up has moulded me into who I am.
  • My personal/career development reasons made you start Social Good Lagos.
  • My motivation behind Social Good Lagos.
  • The most important quality of a social entrepreneur.
  • If I would just do one good to make the world a better place , what it would be.
  • What I currently do.
  • My Superpowers.
  • What Inspired me To Launch this Podcast.
  • What Inspired the show name, RE: Spectrum?
  • What motivates me to lead change?
  • What are my values and ethos?
  • My Leisure Activity?
  • What is my legacy?


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    I found this very interesting and authentic. Well done, Abraham. I am sure this was not an easy thing to do. I look forward to the next episodes, especially the one on working with people that act like they are working with you, but are not. 😁😁😁

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    This was so fun to listen to!
    Thank you Father Abraham. There are lots of valid ideas and values I have gained today for my growth process👌
    Looking forward to upcoming episodes😁

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    Feel so great to hear your voice again. How come we didn’t know of these culinary skills all the while 🤔This is inspiring though and I look forward to subsequent episodes. You inspire me Father Abraham!

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    This was so so refreshing and insightful. Your vulnerability made me have goosebumps. I also got valuable insight on personal development.

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    I love the podcast. A lot to learn.
    I’m surly going to be a better person. Thank you so much OPE❤️. I can’t even get over some insights have learnt. Waiting patiently for the next episode

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    Just thought to drop this ***

    I agree with the ‘Christian’ stereotype if I go put it that way.
    The world has evolved into this place where we are not proud of speaking about our faith and anything faith is frowned upon and that super wrong as it were.
    You don’t go around preaching choice, and openmindness and the same time shame people for believing in God and speaking boldly about their faith.

    Being a Christian is an important part of my life and I would not hide it for anything.


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