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RS 06: Dealing With the Pressure and Expectation to Perform as a Young Leader


“Wisdom is simple, but not common.” – Abraham Ologundudu

Ten years ago when I naively began journeying on this path of leadership, moving from a spectator and “victim” to a young boy making bold steps to be responsible for his future, it was simple. I was just exploring and following my inner nudgings. There was no pressure whatsoever.

Then came a moment where the success and recognition, came with subtle pressure to perform. External pressure (that came from genuine praise and admiration), became internal thoughts and guide. The idea that “I can’t fall short” became the standard. Instead of that sweet, innocent, meek spirit that just longed to BE. 

In this episode, Abraham shares some key thoughts around dealing with expectations and pressures as a young leader. 

This is a call for you to make things simple again. To reclaim your power back and just BE who God wants you to be, and not living life to meet up with the fast-paced rhythm of this age. 

key Takeaway

When the core of your being is rightly aligned, then longevity in leading meaningful change becomes much more natural. Rest is a choice. 

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