RS 04: Abraham, I Want to Get To Where You Are.

Last week, I was faced with a very direct question, “Abraham, I want to get where you are… What is the recommended roadmap please?” 

Over the years, I have gotten very similar questions and I have come to understand that these different young persons just desire to be better and want to record significant growth and progress, with their life and career aspirations.

In this episode, I share 10 key ideas that have guided me through the first ten years of my discovery and leadership journey.

Key Takeaways

  • Follow Your Internal Sparks and Curiosity 
  • Redesign Your Association
  • Discover Your Core 
  • Whatever You Find Doing, do it well!
  • Stop Chasing Every Shining Object 
  • Slam Excuses out Your Door
  • Choose Responsibility 
  • Get Your Ass Working and Learning 
  • Divorce Entitlement Mentality 
  • Evolve and reinvent yourself.


Sound Credit

Inspiring Teaser  by Rafael Krux

Story Of My Life by AlekSound

Epic Emotional

About The Show

On RE: Spectrum, Abraham highlights ideas, thoughts and questions he has had to process on his leadership journey.

By exploring lessons, insights, stories, and questions based on his values, beliefs, and experiences, he hopes that you get empowered with the clarity, boldness, strategies and tools to lead an informed and purposeful life.


I am an award-winning changemaker, designer, and multimedia storyteller. I am committed to the global agenda for economic growth and social inclusion and dedicated to promoting ethical and digital leadership for the development of communities. One of my mission in life is to help contribute to a new African narrative by challenging the mindset, culture and traditions that inhibit our growth.


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