RS 07: On Rising Up From Personal Downtime as a Young Leader

Have you ever had seasons where you have all the bare minimum needed to pursue your goals and optimize your productivity, but the only thing not cooperating is your mind? I call it personal downtimes. 

I am joined by Toby Donut, as she talks about her experience with personal downtime these past months, and how she found her rhythm again. This is a follow-up to my previous episodes – it will definitely help you develop more resilience as a young leader.

Key Takeaway

Our downtimes are mostly due to a weight we hold on to. Make decluttering an integral part of your lifestyle. And when it can’t be helped, carve out time to review what triggered your downtime and get help from trusted people and professionals. 


Sound Credit

Inspiring Teaser  by Rafael Krux

Story Of My Life by AlekSound

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About The Show

On RE: Spectrum, Abraham highlights ideas, thoughts and questions he has had to process on his leadership journey.

By exploring lessons, insights, stories, and questions based on his values, beliefs, and experiences, he hopes that you get empowered with the clarity, boldness, strategies and tools to lead an informed and purposeful life.


I am an award-winning changemaker, designer, and multimedia storyteller. I am committed to the global agenda for economic growth and social inclusion and dedicated to promoting ethical and digital leadership for the development of communities. One of my mission in life is to help contribute to a new African narrative by challenging the mindset, culture and traditions that inhibit our growth.

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