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RS 08: Gbas Gbos – Being The Villain In Someone’s Story

I have a teacher in the Holy Spirit who convicts me of my shortcomings and I am devoted to learning how to be a leader, better friend, son, sibling, and husband. – Abraham Ologundudu

Based on popular culture, when people tell their stories, I think the most common thing you would notice is that the storyteller is most likely a victim or the hero. Not so many really tell the story of them being a villain. Have you thought about situations where you were “the villain” in someone else story?

We are not without flaws and we may find ourselves hurting others or disappointing others who trusted us at some point in time.

In this episode, Abraham shares some thoughts about villain archetypes and how growing in this awareness can empower you to improve your interpersonal relationships.


key Takeaway

  • Life isn’t all about you.
  • Everyone makes mistakes and judging people requires prudence.
  • Challenge you to assess your life and the state and quality of your interpersonal relationships.


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    This episode is just something. I can’t find the right words to capture the experience but I know how I feel.
    It’s intense, it’s passionate, it’s vulnerable, it’s real…

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    Thank you Godwin for your feedback. It took a lot to produce this episode. I am glad it was valuable to you.


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